70% Cacao - Hawaiian Extra Dark Chocolate

70% Cacao - Hawaiian Extra Dark Chocolate

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This is our anytime, all-the-time chocolate! After lunch or dinner. For dessert. Or with tea or after-dinner drinks. Dark and fruity with rich cocoa fragrances and a long, smooth feeling in your mouth.

Also Available in 1 Lb. Bars

Use your imagination to create your own confections with our one-pound bars, including truffles, bon bons, chocolate mousse or pastries. Have fun and send us photos of your creations with our Waialua Chocolate!

A note on shipping from Hawaii: Because Hawaii is the most isolated land mass in the world, shipping from here is a little bit of a challenge. So we've carefully selected the ideal quantity options and shipping methods to get these tropical treats to you as quickly and economically as possible.

For chocolate shipments we suggest the chilled pack option as an extra protection for the warm transit to you.