Cacao Nibs

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Cacao nibs are the essence of chocolate. These tiny, crunchy pieces of chocolatey goodness are what remains after our Hawaiian cacao beans have been slow roasted, then cut to remove the outer shell, a process called winnowing.

Cacao nibs have a wide variety of culinary uses, and can elevate any recipe, sweet or savory. As a topping on ice cream, acai bowls, or overnight oats. Add a unique taste and crunch to cookies and brownies. Or grind up the nibs for a steak rub or as secret ingredient in your next pot of chili.

You will discover the same amazing fruitiness in our cacao nibs that is the signature of our Waialua Estate Chocolate, made bean-to-bar in our Honolulu Chocolate Factory.

A note on shipping from Hawaii: Because Hawaii is the most isolated land mass in the world, shipping from here is a little bit of a challenge. So we've carefully selected the ideal quantity options and shipping methods to get these tropical treats to you as quickly and economically as possible.

For chocolate shipments we suggest the chilled pack option as an extra protection for the warm transit to you.